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What is SISmaker?

SISmaker is a tool, which helps you to create so called sis-files. They're needed to install your application on Symbian OS mobile phones.
Since you have to undertake several steps to compile your source code to a working sis-file for your phone, we decided to create a program, which simplifies the steps. With SISmaker you'll no longer have to use the DOS-Console to create the sis-file. You also can forget about writing the correct pkg-file. SISmaker will write this file for every Symbian phone available.
You even can start SISmaker as an external tool from Microsoft Visual Studio or Borland Builder.

For more details on the capabilities look at the Features.
In the Download section you'll find the program and a small handbook.
In the FAQ section we've listed several known issues about SISmaker, such as bugs or common problems.